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Peter Pan

Stories take us to a different world. Let's see what happen in the world of Peter Pan. Here's the story. So, how did you find the story? Any connections that you made? Any predictions that you came up with as you were listening? Do share your thoughts below. Happy learning!

Reading Workshop

How to Find the Main Idea of a Text

Finding the "Main Idea"is one the most important skills a reader must have. Without this skill, a reader cannot understand what the text is mainly about. There are various places in the text which tell us about its main idea. Watch these two videos to find out WHAT a main idea is and HOW to… Continue reading How to Find the Main Idea of a Text

Motivation, Writers' Workshop

A Special Comment on the Word of the Day- July 3, 2019

The blog on July 3rd featured the word "exotic". I received a lot of brilliant sentences on the word. (Click here in case you want to read that post again.) However, there was one comment that stood out for me. Here are the reasons why: 1. Due to the effort put in by the person.… Continue reading A Special Comment on the Word of the Day- July 3, 2019

Word of the Day

Word of the Day- May 1, 2019

Yet another word to foster your understanding of vocabulary. The "Present: A Word Activity" seems to be working very well in my classes. So many children are coming up with new words each day that it is getting difficult to keep up with the pinning of new words to the Word Wall. The class I… Continue reading Word of the Day- May 1, 2019

Reading Workshop

Reading Strategies

A good reader is consciously or unconsciously always using these strategies while reading. Well, to be more precise, while learning, these strategies are consciously used, but once a person keeps reading using these strategies, it becomes an automated process. These strategies have proved beneficial in more than one way in the classes I teach. My… Continue reading Reading Strategies