English Grammar

5 Phrasal Verbs with the Verb “Take”

Here's something interesting I found which will help you speak and write better English. Click here to view it. Do let me know what you think about this. Use them in sentences so that they stay with you. You can leave your sentences in the comments section for your friends to see. Happy learning!

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The Lighter Side of Life

Looking at how far we have come together, I thought it's important to also take out time to appreciate the journey we are on. So here are 10 riddles/ jokes/ puns for you. Learning a language is so much fun! Don't you agree? Please feel free to share any of your funny riddles, jokes or… Continue reading The Lighter Side of Life

Mentor Texts

Robinson Crusoe- Video

Robinson Crusoe sure is an interesting story. Here's a summary of the text "Robinson Crusoe".Good readers are always visualizing while they read. After watching the video, ask yourself these questions:Did the visuals in the video match with the visuals I had in my mind while I was reading the text?What was different in the video… Continue reading Robinson Crusoe- Video

Word of the Day

Winner: Word of the Day- July 13, 2019

A while back we had tried something new on the blog. We decided to start a short story competition with the "Word of the Day" blog posts. The word we started this with was - enrol. Click here to view that blog post. There were quite a few good sentences I got and some short… Continue reading Winner: Word of the Day- July 13, 2019

English Grammar

Prepositions- Explanation and Examples (FBLD)

Ever wondered what prepositions are? Here's your answer. Prepositions are words that link nouns, pronouns and other words in a sentence. Here are some videos that will help you to understand Prepositions step-by-step. Video on- What are Prepositions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VK-kXkXTBc Video on- Position of Prepositions in a Sentence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF6LE4P_bEU A video song on various examples of… Continue reading Prepositions- Explanation and Examples (FBLD)

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10 Ways to Say “Beautiful” in English

Everytime my students describe something with the words " beautiful/ nice" like- "The dress looked "beautiful/nice", "The place was "beautiful/nice", I tell them to use more descriptive words to show what they saw. It is one of the first ways to make the reader of your story, visualize details. (Remember, the reading strategy that makes… Continue reading 10 Ways to Say “Beautiful” in English

Word of the Day

Word of the Day- April 4, 2019

Here's another word that quite usable. I can think of so many situations this can be used in. One example is: During the Annual Day, I was completely enthralled by the glorious performance and colourful costumes of the dancers. Think of some situations where you can use this word. And if you can use them… Continue reading Word of the Day- April 4, 2019