Happy Halloween, Friends!

Halloween a festival loved by children all across the world. Many of my students who had birthdays in October have already had Halloween themed birthday parties. And who doesn't like some extra candy! Something funny happened in the morning assembly on Halloween. 31st October is also "National Unity Day" which was introduced by the government… Continue reading Happy Halloween, Friends!

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Things You Notice When You Return to a Big City After a Road Trip

I love road trips! They are tiring, painful and yet somehow fun. During a road trip, I either get lost in my own world or become too observant. Here are some things I noticed on my return to my city New Delhi after a road trip along some of the smaller areas of my country.… Continue reading Things You Notice When You Return to a Big City After a Road Trip

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How Blogging is Helping Me to Become a Better Teacher

There are still some misconceptions about blogging as teachers. Here is a blog post to tell you how despite being an additional responsibility, blogging can be an aid to the teaching-learning process, rather than a chore or hinderance.

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Word of the Day- April 29, 2019

Here's another word to enrich your vocabulary. This word was contributed by Nikunj Narang of class 5C. Off late, the children of C have started contributing new words for the Word Wall of our class. Some children who have done this are Aanya Dhawan, Atharv Nag, Poorvi Sarda, Trinabh Mehra among others. The class gives… Continue reading Word of the Day- April 29, 2019