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Test Your Smarts- Grammar Quiz 1

I just came across this interesting quiz on grammar. It tests everything from subject- verb agreement to your knowledge of sentence structure. Quite interesting. Do check it out. Comment below what you found easy and what was a challenge. Let's see if we can help each other out. Do like, share, follow and comment if… Continue reading Test Your Smarts- Grammar Quiz 1

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The Lighter Side of Life

Looking at how far we have come together, I thought it's important to also take out time to appreciate the journey we are on. So here are 10 riddles/ jokes/ puns for you. Learning a language is so much fun! Don't you agree? Please feel free to share any of your funny riddles, jokes or… Continue reading The Lighter Side of Life

Word of the Day

Word of the Day- April 4, 2019

Here's another word that quite usable. I can think of so many situations this can be used in. One example is: During the Annual Day, I was completely enthralled by the glorious performance and colourful costumes of the dancers. Think of some situations where you can use this word. And if you can use them… Continue reading Word of the Day- April 4, 2019

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Exercises on Commas

So here a video to help you learn about some of the uses of commas: https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/grammar/punctuation-the-comma-and-the-apostrophe/introduction-to-commas/v/meet-the-comma-the-comma-punctuation-khan-academy Exercise on use of commas to punctuate lists. Exercise on use of commas while directly addressing someone. Here's a quiz on commas. Mixed bag quiz on commas. Another mixed bag exercise. You can check your answers at the end.… Continue reading Exercises on Commas

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FANBOYS Conjunctions

Conjunctions are also known as "joining words". They can be used to join words like: Jasmine and Jyoti are best friends. Here the conjunction "and" is joining the two names- Jasmine and Jenny. Or, they can be used to join two sentences. Like: James went to the market. He bought a packet of chips. We… Continue reading FANBOYS Conjunctions

English Grammar

Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct and Indirect Speech is one of those topics that ESL learners find especially challenging. However, if you only understand the use of both types of speeches, it becomes fairly easy. I always tell my students to just think about reporting everything that is said in the direct speech to a friend of theirs in… Continue reading Direct and Indirect Speech

English Grammar

Still Think Punctuation Isn’t Important?

Funny right? or Funny, right? Did you get the difference between my first two sentences? The first sentence "Funny right?" means that the right side is funny, whereas the second sentence "Funny, right?" simply means that I am asking for an affirmation from you that these pictures are funny. By the way, even the meaning… Continue reading Still Think Punctuation Isn’t Important?