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The Lighter Side of Life

Looking at how far we have come together, I thought it's important to also take out time to appreciate the journey we are on. So here are 10 riddles/ jokes/ puns for you. Learning a language is so much fun! Don't you agree? Please feel free to share any of your funny riddles, jokes or… Continue reading The Lighter Side of Life

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A Special Comment on the Word of the Day- July 3, 2019

The blog on July 3rd featured the word "exotic". I received a lot of brilliant sentences on the word. (Click here in case you want to read that post again.) However, there was one comment that stood out for me. Here are the reasons why: 1. Due to the effort put in by the person.… Continue reading A Special Comment on the Word of the Day- July 3, 2019

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10 Ways to Say “Beautiful” in English

Everytime my students describe something with the words " beautiful/ nice" like- "The dress looked "beautiful/nice", "The place was "beautiful/nice", I tell them to use more descriptive words to show what they saw. It is one of the first ways to make the reader of your story, visualize details. (Remember, the reading strategy that makes… Continue reading 10 Ways to Say “Beautiful” in English

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Idioms and Phrases of the Week

So here's the thing! I have been getting a good response related to idioms and phrases that are uploaded. A lot of you seem to be using them quite well. So every now and then, I plan to upload more idioms and phrases so that your fluency and expression is enhanced further. And, keep up… Continue reading Idioms and Phrases of the Week