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The North Wind and the Sun

A fable is a short story that teaches a lesson or has a moral. The main characters in fables may be animals, legendary creatures and people. Aesop was a Greek fabulist and storyteller who wrote many fables. His fables are collectively known as "Aesop's Fables". Here is one of his fables for you. It's called… Continue reading The North Wind and the Sun

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How to Find the Main Idea of a Text

Finding the "Main Idea"is one the most important skills a reader must have. Without this skill, a reader cannot understand what the text is mainly about. There are various places in the text which tell us about its main idea. Watch these two videos to find out WHAT a main idea is and HOW to… Continue reading How to Find the Main Idea of a Text

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Help! My Child Hates Reading! 10 Tips to Empower Parents

It has so happened in the past that some parents have expressed grief over their child not reading books. As all good or bad habits, reading is a habit that can be cultivated with a little effort. No doubt the Reading Strategies help with this (If you don't know what I am talking about, click… Continue reading Help! My Child Hates Reading! 10 Tips to Empower Parents

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Reading Strategies

A good reader is consciously or unconsciously always using these strategies while reading. Well, to be more precise, while learning, these strategies are consciously used, but once a person keeps reading using these strategies, it becomes an automated process. These strategies have proved beneficial in more than one way in the classes I teach. My… Continue reading Reading Strategies

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The 5 Finger Rule of Choosing the Just Right Books

Good readers are somehow good writers and speakers too. I have seen this with most of my students over the years. Even with me, the books I read somehow have a direct impact on the way I speak and write. Just now, while reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" for a book discussion with my… Continue reading The 5 Finger Rule of Choosing the Just Right Books

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Fiction VS Non- fiction: What’s the Difference?

Just today I was telling the new students of my club -the Literary Club- about different genres of writing when one of my previous students said the two broad categories of writing are - fiction and non- fiction. He was quite right. The above chart says it all. It explains quite well what both categories… Continue reading Fiction VS Non- fiction: What’s the Difference?

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Making Inferences

Confused? A lot of people are when they have to draw inferences. Now let's watch another video explaining how you already are drawing inferences. Give these exercises a shot once you are done with the videos: Exercise 1- What Causes a Solar Eclipse? Exercise 2 Exercise 3 Exercise 1 and 2 are grade… Continue reading Making Inferences

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Finding the Main Idea

Finding the main idea of a story can sometimes be challenging for young students and even adults sometimes. But to know how to find it, we must first know what it is. So here's a video explaining this topic in the simplest way. Another video to help you with this topic: try out… Continue reading Finding the Main Idea

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How to Arrange Things in a Sequence

We engage in sequencing things everyday. But how is it relevant to learning a language? And how can we sequence things? Let's find out! Sequencing is generally done to put things in a logical order for them to make more sense. Transitions are great indicators to know the sequence of a story. Here's a… Continue reading How to Arrange Things in a Sequence

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What are Context Clues?

Don't we sometimes get stuck on words while reading a book? Well, we don't know the meaning of words and wonder how our teachers and other adults know the meaning of so many words. Well, I always tell my students that nobody can memorize the entire dictionary, unless they have an eidetic memory.  Most people… Continue reading What are Context Clues?

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Word of the Day- November 20, 2018

excerpt (noun) short part taken from a book, movie, speech etc. Sentence- The excerpt from the book "Robinson Crusoe" which is given in our textbook Marigold, does not clarify who the mysterious footprint belonged to, so I ended up reading the whole book. Questions: Have you found out any such excerpts in your books? What… Continue reading Word of the Day- November 20, 2018

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Some Food for Thought

I was reminded of a quote from the movie "Rough book"- "Padhaane se sabse zyada fayda padhaane wale ko hota hai." So which level are you on? Think of some ways you can teach others what you have learnt yourself. Can simply teach everything to ourselves again or our parents? Group studies can also help… Continue reading Some Food for Thought