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Me to You – A Poem

Can we just a moment to see how the text has perfectly fit within the gorge, as if these very words were meant to fit in there. I had no idea about this until I finally happened. Truly GOD has our path already planned to take us to where we should be. If only we… Continue reading Me to You – A Poem

My Stories

This is How I Feel When I Write

My relationship to GOD has always been of importance to me. I keep going forward and backward in how close I feel to him. I am working on maintaining a steadiness in that sphere. There is something I have been recently noticing. I love to write. No, that's not what I noticed. Read on. I… Continue reading This is How I Feel When I Write

My Stories

To Part in Many Ways- A Short Story

This has been on my mind for very long! Not the story, but to post some of my own writing. This is something I finished today. Do leave your comments about what/how it made you feel. To Part in Many Ways She banged at the door with restless hands, hoping for some shelter inside. She… Continue reading To Part in Many Ways- A Short Story