Safety Measures For Corona Virus: Video for Kids

The quarantine was such a sudden announcement in my part of the world, but a much needed one too. We all had been expecting it to happen sometime, but still when it happened, it took us aback.

By now most of us are aware of the safety measures to beat corona virus. Yes, quarantine is one of them. However, it’s never a bad thing to go back to basics and revise what we had learnt before we started practicing social distancing. I cannot stress enough on how important these measures still are. So here’s a video explaining them!

Please practice them at all times. Prevention is always better than cure.

And don’t forget that though you might not have the symptoms of Covid- 19, you still might become a carrier of the virus in case you decide to stop living in quarantine and go out to play with your friends out of boredom.

But luckily I found two interesting resources to beat the blues of quarantine which I will be sharing in my next blog post. Teachers in my department will be sharing them during our online classes so that students to feel a sense of direction and calmness during these times. Because let’s face it, if we as adults are facing a difficult time with the quarantine, just imagine the condition of the tiny ones bustling with energy and now confined to their homes. So, parents can use that resource and help their children through it in the upcoming days.

I will be uploading a blog post soon sharing one such resource that I found. Until then-

Stay home! Stay safe! And help others stay safe!