Accept and Love the Gold Diggers

A lot of times people are ready to sell their souls for money and a lavish lifestyle. Such people should not be scoffed at and hated but should be understood, lent an ear to and guided towards a more meaningful way of existence.

The reason people resort to giving money, things and a lifestyle more value is because of the deep emptiness they feel within which seems unfathomable. The only way they know to fill this void is through things, more people and more noise. What such people don’t realise is that the lack was never in their physical reality but on the inside. So filling the physical reality never fills up the emotional and spiritual void.

But one might wonder what created such a lack within that person and how did he or she remain oblivious to it. The reasons can be multiple. The first one being a constant disconnect with oneself due to never being taught or trained in emotional well being. The second could simply be due to an utter lack of a purposeful life that leads to deep discontenment with where the person is and what he/ she is doing.

Both things lead to an endless cycle of want and desire that seems to rob the said person of their peace, further clouding their judgement and widening the gap towards their self which would have lead to self- actualization and a wholesome life.

Such people need to be taught an alternative way of life rather than being rebuked, outcast and judged. The pain caused by such people cannot be overlooked, but neither can the fact that due to their lack, they too have being suffering without realising it.

So we can either hate and create more hate or forgive and them, for they suffer too. Forgive them also because until you forgive them you will keep suffering more than your due.

Much love and light!