The Fight Against Oneself: A Poem

Some of us find every day a struggle with ourselves in a different way, maybe due to our focus, maybe our habits, maybe our perspective or due to the things we want which we know aren’t good for us.

Nobody completely has a smooth sailing life, but one of the greatest struggles one has to face constantly in life is against one’s own self.

I consider everything to be a blessing. I always try to see the silver lining of every situation. For those of us stuck in this zone, maybe this zone is a place to teach us about our flaws so that we may learn empathy. Maybe it will disillusion us with the world and its ways and teach us to surrender and let go.

It’s difficult to predict all that this zone is meant to teach us. But what I know is at the end of all of this, we will walk more freely than ever before.

I am hopeful!

So keep moving along!

Much love and light!