Is There Something Truly Missing in Your Life?

There isn’t much we need to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Yet when we look at things people have, maybe a bit different or maybe more than us, we begin to question whether we have enough to live happily. We begin to set goals based on what the society thinks we should have rather than what would have truly given us peace and contentment. And most often what would have given us lasting peace, joy and contentment isn’t something too fancy or superficial.

So here are some questions to ask yourself to figure this out-

  • Why am I pursuing the things that I am pursuing?
  • Is it because they truly bring me peace and happiness, or is it because I want to be looked at a certain way by the world?
  • Is it a way to get validation or is something that silences my demons and brings me inner quiet and joy?
  • Is it a borrowed dream, or does it fulfil a purpose?


Much light and love to all of you!