200 Posts and a Sign for This New Year!

This feels amazing!

What’s even more amazing is that my first post this year turned out to be my 200th one!

The moment I saw the notification, I was reminded of never underestimating the power of perseverance. One never knows what’s hiding behind one more step, that step before we thought about giving up.

This seemed like a sign to keep moving on and not giving up because great things lie behind small things if we keep trying persistently. Indeed a great message for the new year!

Hope you are having a great year already! If not, keep trying and not giving up.

Much love, everyone!

25 thoughts on “200 Posts and a Sign for This New Year!”

  1. Dear ma’am Tarana,
    That was again a milestone achievement by you. The second line of your first post of 2020 was your 200th post! Happy New Year and keep posting and keep us smiling.
    Mehal Mohan

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  2. Congratulations !!! Ma’am Tarana for your 200 posts this is a great time!!! Have a great year ma’am and I hope you can get even more better an better.!!!

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