The Basics of Punctuation Marks

Punctuation marks matter! Yes, they do. Just read the following sentences given in the image:

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The two sentences mean completely different things. The first one means that we should eat grandma like food whereas the second one tells us that someone is talking to grandma and telling her that they should eat something. See, punctuation marks matter a lot!

Here’s a video explaining why. ( Please, watch this one only till 2.11 minutes, as we will be focusing on punctuation marks covered only till that point in the video.)

Now here’s another blog post, this one’s by a student of mine. Here she breaks down each punctuation mark for you. The video in it also explains the basics of the concepts in very simple language.

Click here to view it.

Let’s finish it off with a song for you to help you keep the concepts in mind. Feel free to sing along!

Now that you have finished watching all the three videos, it’s time to assess yourself!

Here’s a quiz created for you. Have fun! Let’s see which punctuation mark you need help with and which ones you know the best. Remember, there is no winner or loser. We are all learning together.

THE QUIZ! (Microsoft Forms)

Do carry your scores along. We will discuss the strong and weak punctuation marks in the next class.

Happy learning!