Me to You – A Poem

Can we just a moment to see how the text has perfectly fit within the gorge, as if these very words were meant to fit in there. I had no idea about this until I finally happened. Truly GOD has our path already planned to take us to where we should be. If only we would walk on it with HIM.

This poem is about how we need to surrender to the path and plan GOD created for us. The ones who surrender to GOD, their path is created by HIM, to fulfil his divine purpose.

Personally whenever I have trusted in GOD’s plan, it has always been way better than my own. It always brings me closer to being what he wants me to be and fills me up with this joy and love for him. In such a situation even if any problems do come in my life, I am barely affected by them as opposed to how badly they would have impacted me if I didn’t walk with him.

I am realising that the hurdles that I do face are meant to teach me something new, or teach me to let go. I have sometimes noticed that GOD makes me work for things in ways I initially don’t understand or like. But the moment the lesson from the ordeal is learnt, the work gets easily and the obstacle gets quickly removed.

Some lessons are learnt the hard way, but never hard enough to shatter me. For when he sends lessons, he sends immense amount of love and support to endure them and not quit.

Therefore, I know that each hurdle, each lesson is designed by him to bring me closer to him, and for this I am grateful.

He makes the journey and the destination both worthwhile.

With this little share, I am learning to put myself out there more openly. Because writing and sharing is in someway being very vulnerable. You are baring your thoughts and soul for the world to see and judge.

But I want to taste the freedom that comes from stepping past even this fear of mine. So with a pounding heart, here’s me stepping a bit further to overcoming my fears.

Much love and light!