Alice in Wonderland- The Cartoon Movie

” Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

Just today Videh of 5-B asked me to post three stories as that’s how many stories were due. You all know how busy your teachers have been this past month. And as much as most of you would like it, I can’t upload three stories in the same week. There must be balance of all things.

But to end the dry spell here’s the longer version of the story “Alice in Wonderland”. A lot of you really liked “Bambi” and wanted similar long stories. So here it is!

Do notice the sentence structure and voice modulation.

You can always share your experience of watching the video.

What was your favourite part?

What would you have changed?

Who did you like best in the story?

P.S. Who do you think the quote in the beginning of the blog is by? Getting surfing and researching.

Do let me know in the comments.

Happy learning!