Happy Diwali, Guys!

It’s already here again! How time flies.

Let’s celebrate a pollution and noise free Diwali this time!

We owe this to the environment, the poor birds and animals who are tormented due to a few minutes of our pleasure and to ourselves. My sister is already complaining of nasal irritation and has a bad cold now.

Let’s think long- term this Diwali!

Here’s a glimpse of how we celebrate Diwali.

Nothing was wasted. The leftover flower petals were used to grow new flowers. My mom’s idea. We did this last Diwali too.

We don’t really have the elaborate Laxmi pooja, which is adoration of Goddess Laxmi (the Goddess of wealth as per Hindu mythology) by following certain rituals and mantras.

However, we will have a family prayer time. Lighting up the darkness inside feels more important, so we sit in prayer together. No rituals. Each on his own with GOD, on his own journey. But we support each other by providing silence, no limitations on time and by staying in the same room at least for the duration we all are praying, not that the last one matters once you’re in GOD’s presence.