Helen Keller- The Movie

Many of my children had asked me how Ms. Sullivan taught Helen to communicate when she couldn’t see or hear. I think this movie explains it best. It’s called “The Miracle Worker”.

Click here to watch the movie.

While I was watching the movie, I felt that there was something to take away by the teaching community, parents and even students.

As a teacher I couldn’t help but admire the persistence, hard work and passion that Ms. Sullivan had in teaching Helen. Teaching Helen was especially difficult in her first few days due to Helen’s behaviour issues. But she didn’t give up.

“What you will expect of her now is all that she will ever be”. This quote especially touched my heart. Says a lot about the need and importance of building good habits in formative years.

Questions to think about:How was Helen’s life similar and different from your own? Initially, what was the difference in the attitude of Helen’s father and mother towards Ms. Sullivan and Helen’s ability to learn?

  • Do you think Helen could have overcome her challenges on her own? Who were the people who helped her?

    What are your thoughts on the movie? Do share them below.

    Happy learning!