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Alice in Wonderland- Story of the Week

Alice is a little girl who finds herself in an unusual world. She sees things she had never dreamt in this topsy-tuvry land. Find out more about her adventures in the story below.

Do pay special attention to the diction, voice modulation and sentence structure.

When I speak to my students, many of them tell me about their own imaginary world. They really draw on it to write stories and to speak during extempore.

So think about how your “Wonderland” looks like. You can use this to write and share many adventures. Do share a bit about it in the comments below!

Happy learning!

22 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland- Story of the Week”

  1. That is a great little video, i like it a lot. meanwhile,here is an Alice related poem that I penned. I hope you like it.
    I am a Cat, it said smiling at her,
    A Cheshire Cat, you can tell by my fur,
    My paws and whiskers are also a hint,
    But the smile on my face is most significant.


    I can see by your fur, said Alice – I do,
    And also your paws and whiskers – it’s true,
    But that smile on your face has me all in a tizz,
    Coming and going in such a whiz.


    Still smiling at Alice, the Cat dryly replied,
    You’d never believe me; you’d think I had lied,
    If the smile on my face was gone – it’s a fact,
    No one would listen or look at this Cat.


    Without offering Alice the chance to reply,
    The Cat went on with his horrible lie,
    Creeping closer and closer, until ever so near,
    When he pounced, lashed out, cutting her ear.


    Feeling the hurt and the blood running down,
    Alice said, Oh, I was such a clown,
    To have ever believed a Cat with a grin,
    Take that, and that, you horrible thing!

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  2. Dear ma’am Tarana,
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful story.I want to tell you about one of my wonder lands. My wonderland looks very wierd….. It is when I saw a little girl who was only 1cm long. She had such a little home. I followed her till her house, but couldn’t find a way to go inside. Then, as Alice saw a drink ‘Drink Me’, even I saw a bottle like that. I came across a small, tiny ant and she showed me the way to the forest. I was surprised to see that the people that I had seen in the way were all from my town. Thank you so much ma’am for sharing so lovely stories with us. Do send more and more stories….. Love them….
    Mehal Mohan
    V A

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