This is Where I Am Right Now!

A lot of exciting things have been happening in my life lately. Things that I had sown seeds of a while back or have been since a couple of months, are bearing fruit. It’s been great! Will share more of that in the coming weeks.

The next couple of months are going to be extremely busy for me, with some important events coming up at work one after the other and my next set of examinations also approaching. To top it all, I have a wedding in the family!

Therefore, I might not be blogging as often as I have been. I apologise in advance in case I am not able to check your blog as frequently as I used to.

This blog post is something I was trying to avoid, however, I have realised that yes, pushing yourself beyond your limits is good, but if it’s coming at the cost of your mental health, physical well being, relationships, and is affecting the quality of your work, then it’s really time to rethink how you are spending our time and managing your body and work.

As much as I love blogging and writing, I need to prioritize some other things, before everything starts going downhill. And downhill is where this all was going, at least that’s how it started to feel.

I am at a place in life where I am learning the importance of saying “no” to a few things to be able to do justice to the things that I say “yes” to. Who knew learning to say “no” in itself would be such a tough thing. We all just want to do everything, especially when we start to see the positive changes in our life of all the hard work we have been putting in.

But, nothing can be done, in case one feel like they’re drowning inside. I am making changes, in time, before the anxiety of trying to do everything eats me up from within.

It’s taken a long time and a lot of struggle to be where I am mentally and spiritually. And I don’t want to lose this. So here’s me simplifying my life and taking one step at a time. I am aiming for quality over quantity, and that means the daily blogging routine that I had developed needs some alterations.

Sometimes we need to take two steps back to take a giant leap forward.

Have a great week ahead!

Much love and light!