The Rain and Her Sorcery (A Poem)

Sitting alone
I stared out of my window.
Her presence was felt
Even in her absence.
I traced my finger as she did,
Chasing the raindrops
Slinding down my window-
Racing down, mingling and sometimes
Diverging onto separate paths.
Life! I smirked.

I saw her smile.
Pain melted into my chest, spread
And rested there.
The murmur of the rain was steady,
As if it was stuck in its own rhythm,
Like me.

I never knew what she saw
through the glass.
I looked only at her.
She would sit by the same window,
Smiling, with an undiscernable connection to the dark pouring.
But, my connection to this sorcery was only her.
Even now, I could see her there,
In the room
As the clouds rumbled,
And the rain poured away.
That’s when I knew
I would never again look at rain
In the same way.

Here’s another attempt at understanding a moment in time in somebody’s who has lost someone important.

At first I thought this could be anyone’s story, but then I thought to myself, do all people love so fiercely? What are your thoughts about this?

I have never really posted anything like this before. But here’s to stepping out of my comfort zone again.

Do let me know what you think about the poem.

Love and light!

Have a great day ahead!

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