Things You Notice When You Return to a Big City After a Road Trip

I love road trips! They are tiring, painful and yet somehow fun. During a road trip, I either get lost in my own world or become too observant.

Here are some things I noticed on my return to my city New Delhi after a road trip along some of the smaller areas of my country.

1. The cars move slower.


Ugh! The traffic! You suddenly realize that you have been driving much faster on less packed roads. Adjusting to the slower pace of life (the irony) takes time.

2. Everything is so much bigger.


Everything from the buildings, the hotels, the number of people and cars on the roads to the pockets of people are bigger. Not so sure about their hearts though.

What are people like where you live?

3. Yeah! You can feel the heaviness in the air.


The city seems sad because it’s so polluted. Overall, the level of pollution in New Delhi is pretty high. People crib, habits don’t change and life moves on.

However, I do notice a shift in this attitude. More and more number of people are trying to do as much as they can to lessen the pollution. But still, we have a long way to go.

4. The excesses…


People in small towns, especially the small towns along the highways, have a fewer number of everything in their area. There are fewer hotels, fewer houses, fewer schools that are also smaller, unlike big cities.

In big cities, the models of cars also change from rough and tough big family cars to more luxurious ones people in small towns generally don’t splurge on. However, there are exceptions to this everywhere.

5. Everything is cramped together.


Let’s exclude the absolute posh areas of big towns here, where swimming pools, gardens as big as parks and outhouses come with the house. Rest everything in a big city seems to share a wall with the next building! Everything is closely fitted together to fit more in less amount of space, including people.

6. The feeling of relief!

Not because you are back home, but also because despite the unpleasant things, the progressive thinking of the people in big cities is reassuring. This can especially be felt if you are living in a country where patriarchy is a norm. You know you are being treated more equally in a big city, there are better opportunities for education, healthcare, jobs, and almost everything.

All things said and done, I feel there is a lot to learn from the simpler and slower way life of people in small towns. How they live happily with fewer things is something worth learning.

Let me know if I missed anything above.

Could you relate to anything?

What’s it like in your city or country?

Comment below!

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