A Haiku and a Special Day in So Many Ways

Today is a special day in many ways. Today is Janamashtami, a very special Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. He was all about love for GOD (in fact he is the very source of divine love as per Hindu mythology) and taught the world about the way of GOD, how the world works and how we can serve GOD despite all the temptations and hurdles of this material world. One must really check out his teachings.

Another reason why this day is special is because this is my first attempt at writing a haiku. A few months ago I had attended a workshop about different styles of poetry. Have had this in mind since then to try my hand at something other than free verse. So this is it.

This haiku is based on the prompt “water” published on Blogging University. My first attempt at writing with their prompts, so yeah, something special again.

Now a little more about this haiku.

This haiku is about GOD. For me he is like water. He can’t be touched or held for he has not definite form, yet he fills up everything in existence and everything in existence is in him. So he does have a form after all, in fact many forms just like water.

No wonder he is palpable. We can always feel him whenever we speak to him and thank him or just sit in his presence. We see him doing wonders in our life when we connect to him. He fills our heart with his love and joy. All these things make us aware that he is always there with us; that he is real.

The ones who walk on the path of GOD ultimately want to merge with him, where there is no separation from him for eternity. He is their destination, just like the sea is for the river.

But to reach GOD, we must follow the path that he modelled through his life in so many avatars. His word is he himself in written or verbal form. Therefore he is the path as well as the destination.

I thank GOD for giving me inspiration for this article today in the morning.

Much love and light to everyone!