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The Lighter Side of Life

Looking at how far we have come together, I thought it’s important to also take out time to appreciate the journey we are on. So here are 10 riddles/ jokes/ puns for you.

Learning a language is so much fun! Don’t you agree?

Please feel free to share any of your funny riddles, jokes or pictures.


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Was there any picture you couldn’t understand?

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50 thoughts on “The Lighter Side of Life”

    1. This made me giggle! It’s good to see so many jokes and riddles. There was the picture of the egg but I think rolling should be added it’s not reasonable that always from the hill the egg shall roll.


  1. Ma’am a few from my side…

    Q: What do you call a monkey selling potato chips?
    A: A chip-munk!

    Q: What is a pirate’s favourite’s fish?
    A: A swordfish!

    Q: Why was the mouse afraid of the water?
    A: Because of the catfish!

    Q: What is green and sings?
    A: Elvis Parsley!

    Hope you all enjoy……

    Ayan Mukerjee

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  2. Thanks ma’am for sharing these wonderful riddles. I want to upp level a word hill-the sloping side
    There is no picture which I do not understand.
    Thnx and Regards
    Jiya 4b

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  3. Dear ma’am Tarana,
    I loved the riddles a lot and even I have something to say though:

    Ques. Why did the boy take a ladder to school?
    Ans. Because it was a high school!
    Keep sending these jokes and riddles to make us laugh.
    Mehal Mohan
    V A

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  4. Dear Ma’am Tarana,
    All the jokes and riddles were very cute and humorous. Thank you very much for sharing the new concept of the blog with us.
    Thank you


  5. Thankyou ma’am , now here’s a joke/riddle
    Which vegetable has a cap , can see and when we call it it comes ??
    Ans- cap -ci-cum.
    Cap ,see,come


  6. Dear ma’am,
    I really enjoyed the humourous jokes .
    Thank you.

    Here are some riddles:
    – What’s wrong with a story that’s set on a Saturday and Sunday?
    Answer: It has a weak-end

    – Which is the longest word in the English language?
    Answer: Smiles – because there a ‘mile’ between two S

    – What food is written here –
    Answer: Pot-8-o (Potatoes)


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  7. Dear Ma’am Tarana
    Thank you so much for sharing these cute and humorous jokes with us. Here are my jokes :-
    1. Name a rope we cannot climb.
    2. What is a sea monster’s favorite snack?
    3. What kind of horses only come out after dark?
    Dear ma’am and all friends please try to find the answers
    V A

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  8. Dear Ma’am Tarana,
    All the jokes and riddles were very cute and humorous. Thank you very much for sharing the new concept of the blog with us.
    Thank you

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