Mentor Texts

Peter Pan

Stories take us to a different world. Let’s see what happen in the world of Peter Pan. Here’s the story.

So, how did you find the story?

Any connections that you made?

Any predictions that you came up with as you were listening?

Do share your thoughts below.

Happy learning!

22 thoughts on “Peter Pan”

  1. Dear ma’am Tarana,
    This story was very good. I made a connection with the same that whenever you have to fight against the people that trouble you, you should be brave. The prediction was when Wendy asked everyone in Neverland to come to her town and find a house, I was thinking that if they (the children) will agree or not,but they did agree.
    Mehal Mohan
    V A

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  2. Dear mam,
    This is a wonderful story.
    I made a connection that we should be kind and helpful. I made a prediction that in the last , the crocodile ate captain hook. And I learn that if anybody is men to any one, he /she should not be scared.
    Parnika yadav 4b

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    1. Laksh, thank you for this. And it’s always good to see you here!😊 Do you think you should use “are” instead of “our” in your sentence? Keep growing, Laksh! Good to see you trying so hard this year in English! 😊👍

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