Word of the Day- August 7, 2019 and Special Mention

Don’t you collaborate almost everyday in school?

So do you have any interesting stories to share of the time you collaborated?

How did the work turn out to be?

Do you like collaborating?

Do you think it’s important?

I think we must congratulate the person who contributed this word. It’s none other than…

Ananya Goel of class V- C!

Well done, Ananya!

Now let’s see who can take up the following challenges to feature in the next blog post as the winner:

1. Find at least two synonyms of the word “collaborate”.

2. Write a short story based on the word.


  • Make sure you use the word correctly.
  • Your work should be grammatically correct.

Eagerly waiting for the next winner.

Have a great day ahead!

And keep learning!

Keep growing!