Change with Time (Short Poem)

It’s not always a lack of money and resources that can bring a place down. Time wrecks havoc on a place in many ways.

Don’t you think it’s important to adapt to changing times? Yes, we need to preserve cultural heritage, but that does not mean we can’t move ahead with the new and positive things time has to offer.

I see so many people stuck in their old ways of thinking, living lives based on gender stereotypes, social dogmas, different stereotypes and superstitions all in the name of tradition. They don’t question their mindset.

But what amazes me is how little they have learnt despite their age. They don’t realise being stuck this way is most detrimental to their own selves.

They owe themselves better. But sometimes from what I have seen, people don’t want to change, which is just sad.

I just hope people find courage not just to challenge others, but to challenge their own thought processes as well.

As a teacher, I feel strongly about this. Dialogue and discussions are so important.

We try to teach children to question traditions and mindset through various activities in school, but this should be done by parents even at home.

What do you think about this? Any connections?

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