Winner: Word of the Day- July 13, 2019

A while back we had tried something new on the blog. We decided to start a short story competition with the “Word of the Day” blog posts.

The word we started this with was – enrol. Click here to view that blog post.

There were quite a few good sentences I got and some short stories. The one that stood out was by none other than:

Anaisha Chauhan of class IV- B!

Well done, Anaisha!

Here’s the story she wrote:
My father took me to a beautiful sports complex on a sunny Sunday morning. There were lots of activities in there . My father took me to the swimming pool. I thought the pool was bottomless, as I was not able to see the bottom. I dipped my foot in the water, and it was lovely. I begged my father to enrol me for the swimming classes.

However, there were some notable mentions as well:

Rishita Ganeriwala


You can read all the stories and sentences in the comments section of the blog post with the word “enrol”.

Let’s see who the next word is by and who wins the short story competition this time.

Stay tuned till tomorrow!

Keep growing! Keep learning!