To Feel Free

Been a while since I posted. Have been too busy with work and admittedly was having a hard time dealing with my emotions… of various kinds.

Well I must say, it has been an uphill battle for a while. But, I am deeply thankful to GOD for helping me to make sense of my mess and always teaching me something from my dark times that help me grow, be stronger, and come closer to being someone he wants me to be.

He never lets me break and always manages to get my pieces back together and emerge victorious in every battle. And all this struggle has convinced me that only he can do it. Because this noise and madness stops only when my mind takes shelter in GOD.

And for this reason, I am posting a poem for him and by him (not me), for he helped me see the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel and was there with me through each step, even if at times I doubted it.

Here’s the poem. It is about that one battle about many battles I fight within myself every now and then.

And yes, I do feel free and light Thank you for stopping by!

GOD’s Love and light!