Exercises on Direct and Indirect Speech (Declarative Sentences)

Practice makes perfect.

Here are some exercises on Direct- Indirect Speech (Declarative Sentences) for you to practice for your test. The exercises are of different levels of difficulty.

In case you want to revise the concepts before you attempt the exercises, watch the videos n Direct and Indirect Speech by clicking here.

Exercise -1

Exercise– 2

Exercise – 3

You will have to write the sentences in each of the above exercises and then you can check your answers towards the end.

Exercise – 4 Please focus only on Declarative Sentences in this one.

Practice until you are confident with the topic. Be honest with yourself. Watch the videos again and again if you have to. Every person has their own speed of learning.

In case if any doubt persists, do clarify it with your teachers tomorrow.

Let’s keep learning and growing together!

Happy learning!