Direct and Indirect Speech (Declarative Sentences) – Videos

Direct Speech is when the exact words of the speaker are used in a conversation.

The exact words of the speaker are enclosed in quotation marks.

Indirect Speech is when we convey the words/ message of the speaker in our own words. Therefore, it is also called Reported Speech.

Here the quotation marks are not used.

To get clarity on Direct and Indirect Speech watch these two videos:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Here are some questions to guide your thinking and test presence of mind while watching the videos:

1. Out of the four types of sentences, which type of sentences were given in the videos?

2. What is the linking word (conjunction) used in the Indirect Speech to introduce the reported words?

3. If the Direct Speech is in Present Continuous Tense, which tense does it change to in the Indirect Speech?

We’ll get more clarity on these tomorrow in class.

You don’t have to give answers to these questions in your notebook. They are for self- evaluation. You can answer them in your mind to see how much you have taken back from the videos.

Happy learning!