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Word of the Day- July 13, 2019 and Special Mention

Are any of you enrolled in any after school classes?

Isn’t it a wonderful word that we can use instead of the word “join”? Like many a time we say – I joined skating classes. Instead, we can use- enrolled.

Eager to know who gave this word?

It’s Aditya Shaw of class IV- B!

Well done, Aditya! Keep it up!

This reminds me, we decided to frame longer and more meaningful sentences but also to write short- stories like the one I recently shared on the blog. If you want to read it again, click here.

The best story will feature separately on the blog.

So get ready to let your creative juices flow.

Keep learning! Keep growing!

44 thoughts on “Word of the Day- July 13, 2019 and Special Mention”

  1. Dear ma’am Tarana
    My mini story is –
    Once upon a boy named Raghav use to live in a town. He was really good at badminton but he didn’t
    get any training .One day he asked his father to enroll him in badminton .He begged and at last he convinced his father .

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  2. Dear ma’am Tarana,
    Thanks for this wonderful word. The sentence I framed is-
    The entire group of house captains were excited when they were enrolled for the leadership camp.
    Mehal Mohan
    V A

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  3. After I enrolled in the class, the teacher called my name each day when she took roll. My grades were good enough to make the honor roll that year. I also got a new role in helping other students with their homework.

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  4. Thank you Ma’am for the word. I have a sentence-
    My father would buy me new skates so that I can enrol for the new skating classes.
    Krisha Bhatia

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    1. Ma’am I have 2 words from my personal dictionary –
      Jubilant- Happy and triumphant
      This one is related to weather.
      Muggy- unpleasently warm or humid
      Hope you will ask something.


  5. Dear Ma’am Tarana.
    Sentence My father took me to a beautiful sports complex on a sunny Sunday morning. There were lots of activities in there . My father took me to the swimming pool. I thought the pool was bottom less as I was not able to see the bottom. I dipped my foot in the water and it was lovely. I begged my father to enrol for the swimming .


  6. Dear ma’am Tarana
    My sentence is- During summer holidays, I enroled the cricket club near my residence.

    Pragun Goyal


  7. Hmmmmm….

    This is an interesting comparison you made between “To Join” and “To enroll.”

    By and By, there was one that sought the advice from a sage on a mountain top, so he enrolled his efforts in the climb towards great wisdom.

    Context is tricky business for me. I’ve never made distinction between the two words that you contrasted.

    It’s empowering knowledge. Thank you so much.

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      1. LOL! Tricky business!
        When I read your exercise, My mind went for “They mean the same thing.” Then I do what I do best – I talk to myself.
        ‘I spend about 5-10 minutes running these words through my noggin. However, the distinction came through my subjective feeling. I’m a real introvert, so “Joining” any thing I approach with caution, so I felt sorta inhibited using that word, but enrolling…felt freer. I took to that word with gusto. If I take the sentence I wrote, then I could use “Join,” too. “….; and their I joined him in communion.” Thank Goodness it’s only one guy, or I’d have backed right back down the mountain.

        This was a real fantastic exercise, and I I really super appreciated thinking and feeling through it!!

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        1. You’ve brought out the distinction between ‘join’ and ‘enrol’ quite well. Most of my students who are all 9 and 10-year-olds use ‘join’ even when they can use ‘enrol’ instead. Hence, this blog post.
          Thanks for adding onto the blog so meaningfully for them learn the nuances of the English language. 👍

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    1. Dear Ma’am Tarana
      My sentence is–As Sara taking interest in music,her parents decided to enrol her in a music academy.
      Chetali Sushil V-C

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