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How to Find the Main Idea of a Text

Finding the “Main Idea”is one the most important skills a reader must have. Without this skill, a reader cannot understand what the text is mainly about.

There are various places in the text which tell us about its main idea. Watch these two videos to find out WHAT a main idea is and HOW to find it in your text.

Once you are done, answer the questions that follow.


  1. What is the meaning of “main idea” of a text?
  2. Name some areas of a text where the main idea is found.
  3. List the ways in which you can find the main idea of a text.

Hope you learnt something new.

I am eager to see your findings.
Happy learning!

Keep learning! Keep growing!

16 thoughts on “How to Find the Main Idea of a Text”

  1. Dear ma’am Tarana
    These videos were very useful . They taught me a lot about main idea. They were very interesting. Keep sending these types of videos

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  2. 1. The meaning of main idea is the main information or message given by a paragraph.
    2. The main idea is found in topic sentence.
    3. The way we can find the main idea of a text are:
    a) by adding the supporting details
    b) by finding the main idea from the topic sentence

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  3. Dear ma’am Tarana,
    The videos are very useful and these will help us to understand main idea and the supporting details in a story.. The second video is very informative.

    Thanks and regards
    Jayita Nangia

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  4. Good evening ma’am I have some answers 1. The main idea is the point of a piece of writing. It can be a big idea the writer wants to get across. 2. We find the main idea usually in the first sentence the next most place is the last sentence.3. It is easy to identify a main idea are often found at beginning of a paragraph .Main ideas are also found in concluding sentences of a paragraph.

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