This is How I Feel When I Write

My relationship to GOD has always been of importance to me. I keep going forward and backward in how close I feel to him. I am working on maintaining a steadiness in that sphere.

There is something I have been recently noticing. I love to write. No, that’s not what I noticed. Read on.

I had left writing for years on end; have come back recently to it. So here’s what I have noticed. Every time I write something that I love and know HE too would have liked, I feel so close to GOD. Most of the times this happens when I haven’t even shared that piece of writing with anyone, yet it makes me so… I don’t know…happy inside. It’s a special feeling.

To write regularly I am working harder than ever, yet I feel more calm and focused than ever.

Just trying to figure out why. Is it weird?

Should I be dwelling on this?