Word of the Day- July 4, 2019, Special Mention and Word Hunt

This word reminds me of the mouth watering food that I too am guilty of devouring sometimes!

Does it remind you of anything? Leave your connections below.

For contributing a word which brings back such delectable memories, let’s thank the person who contributed it. It’s none other than Saanvi Nautiyal of IV- E! Congratulations!

Keep up the good work, Saanvi! Keep reading and sharing your findings!

Now let’s dig into the Word Hunt!

If you remember there was a word uploaded earlier on the blog that was a synonym of “devour”. The child who finds the word first and leaves it in the comment section with a grammatically correct and meaningful sentence gets a special feature on the next blog post! How cool is that!

So get going! Eager to meet the winner!

But don’t forget to leave your connections with today’s word!

Keep learning! Keep growing!