Word of the Day- July 3, 2019 and the Special Mention

The word today is quite relatable, as some of you might have travelled to some exotic location sometime in life or seen someone tell you about such a place.

There are many things that can be exotic- plants, animals, languages etc.

List some exotic places, plants, animals or any other examples in the comments section below.

Click here to learn the pronunciation of the word.

For contributing such a lovely word, the special mention for the day goes to Pavni Arora of V- C. Well done, Pavni! Keep reading and looking for new words!

I get maximum submissions of words from V-C. Well done!

Other classes too can submit their entries to me in school in the break.

However, next time there is a person from a new section as the winner. Stay tuned to find out who it is.

Keep learning! Keep growing!