Motivation: The Power of Mindset and How to Change It


Is this the story of your life?


Why are people unable to change who they are and become who they want to be?

No doubt any major change takes time, and on the way we might slip back into old habits. But this is because we don’t hold on to the positivity and peace that comes into our life when we start to move into the direction we wanted to go.

What do we do instead?

When faced with a situation designed to pull us back into our anxious, depressed selves, we don’t pause, stay patient and let it pass. Instead, we rush to find comfort in our addictions, our escape routes, and hence go back to where we were.

We don’t realize that these things may distract us temporarily from facing the situation at hand, but instead of improving the situation, they make it worse. We might now have to not only fight the situation but also fight time-constraints and the negativity that comes from going back to old patterns. Hence, they create a vicious cycle of living the same experience again and again.

So what does living in a loop do to us?

It makes us doubt our self-worth. We become guilt-ridden. We become despondent and lose hope. We feel we might never be able to get back on track. All this ensues a never-ending cycle of self-loathing, more depression and more anxiety.

But, is there a way out?

To improve our mental health, the first thing to do is to recognize the patterns we live in, and the reasons we are stuck in those patterns which keep us stuck in our heads. Reflect!

Ask yourself – Why can’t I move forward? Why can’t I change? Why can’t I be focused? Why is my life such a burden? No, depression is not it. Something inside you is feeding that depression, that anxiety. Something that you are not doing right, something that you are not thinking right about. Identify the root cause! Listen to your thoughts as they play in your head. Go within.

When we make an effort, after sometime we realize that it’s not that we don’t have the strength or the capability to change, it’s just that we haven’t been using enough ways to change.

Simply put, change your ways to change your experience. If you don’t like the anxiety that comes from working last minute, form a schedule to work earlier and stick to it. Find ways that will help you to plan or even to stick to those plans. Find out ways to do things in a better way! Can’t get out of bed? Find ways to fight that! There are more ways to change than by simply replaying the same actions and thoughts and then doubting yourself that life doesn’t change for you.

Remember, you have the key to your cage- your head, your mind, your thoughts, your habits. To break free, you have to turn the key.

The moment you decide to change your mindset and to move forward, more and more things help you to keep moving forward.

Hope this helps.

Keep learning, keep untangling, keep growing!