Word of the Day: May 19, 2019 – Special Mention

So how many of you have been trying to eradicate some bad habit from your life this summer break?

There are many things that can be eradicated– poverty, diseases, insects, pests, negativity and many other things. But remember, things that you say you will eradicate, you will destroy or uproot completely. (Let’s see who can guess the meaning of ‘uproot’ using their contextual clues.)

So as you might have realised, “eradicate” is a very useful word, so we must thank the person who gave it to us. Excited to know the winner?

It is…

Bhuvi Kukreja of class V-C.

Kudos to the winner!

Click here for the pronunciation of the word.

So, tell me what do you plan on eradicating or want to see being eradicated?

Any synonyms?

Do leave your findings in the comment section below.

Happy holidays!

Keep growing!