Good Signs for Readers- Punctuation Marks

Using punctuation marks is essential while writing, for without them, the reader feels lost while reading. He/she wouldn’t know when a thought has ended or what the feeling behind the thought is, like whether it was a strong emotion or a normal one. Like look at this picture.

Punctuation marks completely alter the meaning of a sentence. (Let’s see who can figure out the meaning of alter based on contextual clues.)

To see how punctuation changes the meaning of a sentence completely, click the links given below:

Punctuation- Commas

Punctuation- Contractions

Here is some additional help for you to understand the use of these important signs:

Video explaining the use of punctuation marks– easier level

Another video explaining the use of punctuation marks in greater detail.

Hope you are ready to put your knowledge to use? Here are some exercises for you. the answer keys too are given too. Do use them. Also, the difficulty level with each exercise will keep increasing. So, exercise 1 is the easiest, exercise 2 is more difficult, exercise 3 is even more difficult, so forth and so on.

Exercise 1:

Exercise 2:

Exercise 3 – This website has a detailed explanation on all punctuation marks.

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

So how did you perform? Kudos to the ones who performed well! And in case you didn’t perform well, go back and watch the videos again or read the explanation given. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Keep learning, keep growing!