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Word of the Day- May 2, 2019: Mini Stories Special

I know everyone’s been waiting to see whose word has been put up as “Word of the Day”. So here it is!

Today’s word is by Laksh Nimesh of V-C.

Well done, Laksh!

However, I must mention how difficult it was for me to choose the winner today. Therefore, I have some other special mentions who came quite close to qualifying as the winners:

1. starving to death- Siddharth Parashar (IV- B)

2. aggression- Aditya Shaw (IV- B)

3. demented- Videh Jain (V- B)

4. fortunate- Arnav Singh(V- C)

5. exquisite- Anya Dhawan (V- C)

6. trotting- Pavni Arora (V- C)

7. jittery- Trinabh Mehra (V-C)

8. appease- Ayushi Gupta (V-C)

I feel glad to see that some of these words are synonyms of words previously uploaded on the blog. Like “exquisite” can be used as a synonym of ” beautiful”. And “starving to death” can be used as a synonym of “ravenous”.

However, to celebrate these learners too, I will compose two mini stories with some of these words.

  • Laksh felt that he was quite fortunate when his word was put up as ” Word of the Day”.
  • The baby had trotted for a good amount of time, so he was starving to death. Therefore, his mother gave him fruits to appease his hunger.

Try to use context clues to figure out the meaning of these words.

And don’t be disheartened if today was not your day. Keep hope alive. The most important thing here is how much you all are learning.

  • So any connections with any of the words?
  • Were you able visualize anything?

Leave your views and mini stories in the comment section below. In case someone doesn’t know what ‘mini stories’ are, would anyone of my students explain it in the comment section, because we do them quite often in class?

Keep learning, keep growing!

26 thoughts on “Word of the Day- May 2, 2019: Mini Stories Special”

  1. Dear ma’am Tarana
    Sentence. When I went to Dominos I gobbled my food as I was hungry and the food was delicious.
    Anaisha’ 4B

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  2. Dear ma’am Tarana
    I was starving to death after my 2 hour dance class
    so as I reached home I gobbled up my food.
    Thank you


  3. Dear ma’am Tarana
    I was starving to death after my two hour dance class
    so when I reached home I gobbled upthe food.
    Thank you

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  4. Dear Ma’am Tarana
    My sentence is – When Ayaansh came back to his house in the evening , he was fortunate enough to see a delectable cake on the table and he gobbled it up as he was feeling ravenous.
    Arnav Singh V-C

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  5. Dear maam tarana
    I already use this word in my vocab many times.
    Here is my sentence – Delectable food always makes me gobble it.
    Maam I want to bring your notice that word 3) demented was given by me in the class.
    Thanks maam
    Videh Jain
    V B


  6. Dear ma’am Tarana
    Here is my sentence – Before gobbling up my food, I thought about the ravenous children in the streets who were not fortunate enough to get enough food for themselves.

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  7. Dear Ma’am Tarana
    I have a lot of connection with the word “gobbled” as I many times, when I am ravenous I just gobble my food or when I have my prefect duty I need to just gobble my food and run to be at the duty area at time.
    Sentence – Rahul was looking very bizarre after gobbling his food in a short span time

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  8. Dear maam Tarana,
    My sentence with word gobbled is – When
    Rahul came from school he become ravenous as he gobbled the pizza which kept on the table bought by his mother.
    Darvesh 5-C


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