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Help! My Child Hates Reading! 10 Tips to Empower Parents

It has so happened in the past that some parents have expressed grief over their child not reading books. As all good or bad habits, reading is a habit that can be cultivated with a little effort.

No doubt the Reading Strategies help with this (If you don’t know what I am talking about, click here). But you must demarcate a certain time or employ a certain strategy to get your in the habit of using those Reading Strategies.

Here is an interesting article I found, which talks precisely about that.

Click here to visit the website.

5 thoughts on “Help! My Child Hates Reading! 10 Tips to Empower Parents”

  1. Spending ten minutes, to read 5to 10 pages of a story book ,before bedtime will definitely help improve the child’s reading habit.
    Keep that book under the pillow after the first reading and continue this every night before sleeping.
    This is the first step to become a voracious reader.

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    1. Thank you, Ma’am Rohini for adding on tips for everyone. This is something I feel can also help solve the problem of time restraint that sometimes we feel due to our busy schedules. This tip is something that I too as an adult have used in the past.


  2. Dear Ma’am Tarana,

    Thank you for that article on reading. For me, personally, what has worked is that I let Sreenath read varied kinds of books (like science or astronomy or quiz books which he likes to read) instead of pure literary ones. We sometimes discuss books that the kids read at home. Also, what has worked is reading a book that has become a blockbuster movie (Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia,etc), since they love to read the book and watch the same on screen and find out similarities/differences, etc.

    What I havent tried so far (and would like to try) is the family reading time that might make reading more interesting..

    Thanks so much for this!!!



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