Word of the Day- April 29, 2019

Here’s another word to enrich your vocabulary. This word was contributed by Nikunj Narang of class 5C.

Off late, the children of C have started contributing new words for the Word Wall of our class. Some children who have done this are Aanya Dhawan, Atharv Nag, Poorvi Sarda, Trinabh Mehra among others.

The class gives me the word. But for it to be put up on the Word Wall, they need to be able to tell the meaning as well.

We now have a flourishing Word Wall with many new words. Try the same in your class. Contribute words you have read or heard for your classmates to learn. Let’s call it the “Present: A Word Activity“. Get the pun there?

By the way, does the pizza remind you of a previous word uploaded on the blog? It starts with the letter ‘D’. Do define it as well in the comments below.

Keep learning, keep growing!