How to Spell Well?

Here’s what I have to tell anyone who has trouble with spellings- please use the following:

These are easy yet effective tools. When I am spelling, I am unconsciously using a combination of these or at least one of them.

Another thing that helps me with spellings is that most words or similar words have now been committed to my memory due to reading and writing over a period of time.

Writing correct spellings is not as difficult as we think. All they need is a good reading and writing habit, like most other things to learn any language. This helps with the usage of similar sounding words as mentioned above. We also need to make a conscious effort to “break the word, to make the word” by clapping syllables or stretching the words. And as always, the Word Wall is there for reference. But the eventual goal is to not depend on it. The above techniques will help with this.

Practice, practice, practice until it becomes an automated process!

And remember, to keep learning and keep growing!