FANBOYS Conjunctions

Conjunctions are also known as “joining words”. They can be used to join words like:

Jasmine and Jyoti are best friends.

Here the conjunction “and” is joining the two names- Jasmine and Jenny.

Or, they can be used to join two sentences. Like:

James went to the market. He bought a packet of chips.

We can join these two sentences with “and”. It would then become:

James went to the market and bought a packet of chips.

There are different kinds of joining words or conjunctions in the English language. In this blog post we will focus on FANBOYS conjunctions.

So what are they?

Here’s what they mean:

Here’s a video to explain them to you in a better manner. This video not only explain what these conjunctions are, but they also tell you about how to use these in sentences. The punctuation marks to be used in these sentences is also mentioned.

Now that you know about the FANBOYS conjunctions, here’s an exercise with some FANBOYS conjunctions and some other common ones.


Do check your answers at the end.

Here’s another exercise for practice:

So how was the experience of learning about conjunctions? Haven’t you already been using them? But what’s important is not just to use conjunctions, but to use the right ones at the right place.

Hoping this helps!

Have fun learning!