Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct and Indirect Speech is one of those topics that ESL learners find especially challenging. However, if you only understand the use of both types of speeches, it becomes fairly easy. I always tell my students to just think about reporting everything that is said in the direct speech to a friend of theirs in another section. That’s always a good start to the topic. Somehow the use of pronouns and tenses (most of them) falls into place.

But for the rest, we do need additional help, because English is the first language of most of the students in some countries, and therefore they don’t know the correct syntax or grammar to retell the same information to their friends.

So given below are some link and pictures to help you sail through this topic.

Ways of Converting Direct to Indirect Speech:

Change of tenses when the Reporting Verb is in the past tense (said/told):

Exercise on just the change of pronouns and verbs in the Indirect Speech

Exercise on Declarative Sentences

Exercise on Imperative Sentences

A mixed bag and extra exercises