Finding the Main Idea

Finding the main idea of a story can sometimes be challenging for young students and even adults sometimes. But to know how to find it, we must first know what it is. So here’s a video explaining this topic in the simplest way.

Another video to help you with this topic:

Now try out these exercises to see how much you have understood. In case you don’t get it right away, don’t be disheartened. Just keep trying until you get better. As always, practice makes a man/ woman perfect!

This first exercise is of grade 4 level. You can also check your answers. Exercise 1

This is a grade 5 level exercise. Attempt it when you have mastered Exercise 1. This exercise too will allow you to check the answers:

Exercise 2

How did you find the exercises? I hope you realised you could have clicked on the option “Next” at the end of the page for more exercises in case you needed more practice?

Practicing always helps. So keep at it with determination until you get it right!

Happy learning!