Word of the Day

Word of the Day- February 8, 2018

A good word while describing a character in your story, don’t you agree? By the way, did you notice the use of the Question Tag?

And yes, as the visual suggests, our optimism makes even people we encounter joyful. So keep smiling! Put in your efforts to improve at the right time and not at the last moment! And keep smiling! Bad experiences also teach us something good, provided we don’t keep repeating them and turn them into bad habits.

Stay optimistic! You can do it!

Much love and light to all of you!

6 thoughts on “Word of the Day- February 8, 2018”

  1. Dear Ma’am Tarana
    My sentence is :-
    My friend’s smiling personality fills everybody with a mein of joy when they see him.
    IV B


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