What are Context Clues?

Don’t we sometimes get stuck on words while reading a book? Well, we don’t know the meaning of words and wonder how our teachers and other adults know the meaning of so many words.

Well, I always tell my students that nobody can memorize the entire dictionary, unless they have an eidetic memory.  Most people figure out meanings of words through ‘context clues’.

Wondering what they are? Well re-read the above paragraph and make some connections. Think about what the two words ‘context’and ‘clues’ mean separately. Do you see another word within the word ‘context’?

Well, after racking you brain by using all of the above ways to figure out the meaning of the two words, you must have got a fairly good idea of what this blogpost is about. Still, let’s break things down.

Sometimes we might have look in the previous or subsequent paragraphs too.

Here’s a video for an explanation:

Another one:

Here are some exercises to help you through this topic:

Here’s the first exercise. It’s a grade level 4.
Do attempt this before moving on to the subsequent levels. It’s good to be confident, but we must never be over-confident. You can even check your answers.

Here’s another grade 4 level exercise to help you through this topic. It too let’s you check the answers. Do notice your progress. Keep practising!

A grade level 5 Exercise. Answers can be checked here too.

So how did you perform? Keep practising this skill to increase your proficiency in English. To know the meaning of the word ‘proficiency’, click on the word.