English Grammar

Types of Sentences

There are four types of sentences. Knowing the different types of sentences helps to write the correct sentence structure and also in proper punctuation.

Here is a video that will help you to identify them:

Just to add on, Imperative Sentences also express requests, advice or suggestions.

Now, let’s test how much you have understood! Please find the link to two exercises below. The first exercise is on identifying the types of sentence, and also punctuation. You can even check the answers, as they are given at the end of the exercise on punctuation.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Also, did you notice how many punctuation marks have been used in writing this article itself? Here’s another one! And another! Punctuation is so important while writing any kind of sentence. Without punctuation your sentence would not make proper sense to the reader.

So, please don’t ignore them! (What kind of sentence do you think the highlighted one is?)

Leave your responses in the comments section. Let’s see who gets it right!

Happy learning!

11 thoughts on “Types of Sentences”

  1. Dear ma’am tarana,
    I liked the exercise and I did it to .Please send more exercises like this so that we can do it.
    Khannack 5-B


  2. Dear ma’am tarana
    This exercise was very helpful. Please post some more on other topics coming in the forthcoming cycle test. It will help me prepare well!

    Best regards
    Tanay Dutta class 4 B

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