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Word of the Day- December 10, 2018


(verb) publicly declare to be wrong or evil

Sentence– The government denounced the use of violence, as it leads to only fear and destruction.


Have you come across this word before? If yes, then when or where?

11 thoughts on “Word of the Day- December 10, 2018”

  1. Hello ma’am Tarana
    I am Ruhani
    I understood this word very well
    My sentence is – The school principal denounced the use of electronics in the school as it effected the children in their study.

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  2. Dear maam My sentence with denounce is – Rahul became denounced after when had seen the magical pot. Thanks regards darvesh sahni 4-C


  3. Dear ma’am Tarana
    Here is my sentence – In the introduction of ‘Esio trot’ it was said that the government of England had denounced the bringing of tortoises in their country as it was making the tortoises becoming endangered.
    I just read this book and I related denounce with illegal .
    Thanks ma’am
    Videh Jain
    IV B

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  4. Dear ma’am Tarana,
    My sentence – Yesterday the government denounced that the generous landlord Lucious Pento was actually a criminal.
    Ma’am I have come before this word before when I was reading a news article on criminals.
    Thank you !!


  5. Ma’am
    I once came across this word in the story The Stollen Princess that I read long ago. It came in this kind of sentence :- “Rupert, you are so forgetful , the king had once denounced the use of the magical sickle as it could bring harm to the user.”
    Thank You ma’am

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  6. Dear ma’am,
    I have never come upon listening to it once in the news channel . I will try to use it in my daily life .
    Thanks for uploading this word . Ma’am I have also come upon some puns . They are –
    1 . Why did the banana go to the doctor ? Cause it wasn’t peeling well .
    2 . What kind of shorts do clouds wear ? Thunderwear
    3. What do you call a thieve alligator ? A crookodile
    4. The male corn told the female corn ” what did I do wrong ? I get so CORNfused .
    Thanks ma’am

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  7. Ma’am Tarana
    I have never come across this word.My sentence is
    The police denounced the use of guns among the staff until necessary because it causes the police to get a bad name .
    Arshia Kashyap

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  8. Dear Ma’am Tarana
    I have never come apon this word before. Thank you for posting this word, I will surely try to use it in my daily routine. But just a small request for you to please send the words in a picture like you did before. It was helping us to understand and visualize better.
    V A

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