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Puns- An Amusing Use of the English Language

What do you call a sleeping bull?

Can you think of some puns or have come across any?

Click here for the meaning of of the word ‘pun’.

Click the links below to know how to use idioms as puns to enhance your creative writing skills:

So how do you plan to use them?

Do write them below!

7 thoughts on “Puns- An Amusing Use of the English Language”

  1. Ma’am Tarana
    This pun was told by my friend.
    Who is there ?
    Who who?
    Is there an owl , inside?
    Arshia Kashyap


  2. Dear Ma’am Tarana
    I have some puns here :-
    1. What is a sea monster’s favorite snack?
    Ans. Ship and dip
    2. What did the vinaigrette say to the refrigerator?
    Ans. Close the door! I am dressing!
    3. Which Desi tree always gets approved?
    Ans. Teak tree, because teak is always teak (theak). I actually mean that teak is perfect, alright.
    V A

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      1. These puns are very funny. Here is one of the puns that I know-:
        Question- Why did the child carry ladder to school?
        Answer-The child carried ladder to school because he wanted higher education.

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